After the War: A Documentary about Induced After Death Communication

The film After the War explores the overwhelming evidence that people suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), grief and trauma can transform their shattered lives by somehow communicating with the dead. After the War is a true story about Induced After Death Communication (IADC), the pioneer whose struggle to bring his breakthrough therapy into mainstream acceptance lurches along, and the patients who are alive to tell the tale.

Al Botkin, Psy.D discovered IADC by accident much like Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. The similarities between these two discoveries are many. For example, it took almost 15 years for penicillin to reach the mainstream. Botkin is approaching that mark. Penicillin found its initial success in the treatment of Allied soldiers during WWII. IADC’s initial success came through treating Vietnam Vets suffering from PTSD. Both are treatments for deadly disease. The difference is that antibiotics treat infections of the body. IADC treats infections of the mind. But if history is to follow history, Botkin’s time has come, and the world is about to learn about something so extraordinary, so necessary, that one has to wonder why it took so long.

For 20 years, Dr. Botkin treated patients at a Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Chicago. He utilized EMDR--eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing--a widely used and proven method of treating PTSD. One day, during the course of treatment he literally stumbled upon something peculiar. His patient, Sam, a Vietnam vet, revealed that he had seen and spoken to a child whose death he witnessed in a brutal gunfire attack. The child, who he had grown very close to, came to Sam and forgave him for not protecting her. She told him it wasn’t his fault. From that day forward, Sam found his way to mental health. Thus was the birth of IADC. That was in 1995. For his remaining 8 years at the Vet Hospital, Botkin continued using IADC therapy, in secret.

Dr. Botkin, now in private practice, has successfully treated over 3000 patients, many of whom report that their intense grieving subsides in one or two sessions and the fear of death no longer exists. They can get on with their lives; however, Botkin remains on the outskirts of the mental health community. He has trained psychotherapists around the world, written a book entitled “Induced After Death Communication:  A New Therapy for Healing Grief & Trauma”, participated in speaking tours, created a comprehensive web site and, most importantly, continues to practice. Yet, he has been unable to bring IADC into hospitals and treatment centers even though there are thousands people everyday who suffer the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, trauma, and grief.

In response to the reluctance of many to put aside their fears about progressive psychotherapy techniques, and to increase awareness of the benefits of IADC, we are determined to make this film.

After the War is both a literal and metaphorical title. The film explores the war within ourselves when we fight PTSD and incessant grief as well as the healing effects IADC has on Vietnam Vets and returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The main story will be told through the experiences of Dr. Botkin and his patients as we follow them on their personal journeys. In addition, we will conduct interviews with neuro-scientists and psychologists. We will explore after death communication (ADC) and NDE’s and illustrate the scientific techniques used to authenticate these events like double-blind experiments, and brain scans.

We will seek all opinions—spiritual, mystical, and scientific. We will explore all types of patients---war vets, ex-cons, people who have accidentally killed others as in car accidents. We will travel the globe and talk to former political prisoners in Chile as well as prominent doctors in Germany.

PTSD and agonizing grief are human conditions; therefore, After the War is a global effort to show the world IADC and to bring this extraordinary healing therapy to as many people as quickly as possible. It is our hope that this film will convince people that there is a true possibility for recovery from trauma and PTSD.


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